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StayWise Agreement

1. Aim
The aim here has been to create an Agreement that enables partners to be clear, confident and of common mind. The Agreement is an intention to create a relationship between parties.

In so doing we hope to achieve the following -

  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Commitment

Using the following methods -

  • Communication
  • Agreement
  • Evaluation

StayWise aims to provide a comprehensive teaching resource, promoting safety in every day situations in stimulating and engaging ways.

2. Objectives
The StayWise project objectives are -

  • to provide a library of learning resource for educationalist and service personnel alike for the delivery of appropriate learning and skills
  • to combine the resources of the emergency services and other associated bodies to provide a more effective, holistic approach to applied learning
  • to provide interactive electronic learning opportunities for young people

3. Support
If you are in agreement with these aims and objectives, we ask you to show your commitment by providing us formally with the following information. It should be emphasised that StayWise is non-profit making. It is for the benefit of all parties that StayWise has put together this interactive learning tool.

Contact Name
Contact Position
Nature Of The Business
Contact Telephone Number
Contact Email Address

We ask that you state the nature of your offer of support to StayWise ie. a group of resources, financial commitment, expertise, etc. This constitutes a formal offer which will be accepted, in writing, by StayWise.

The Agreement will commence from the date displayed on the letter and will continue until such time as we are in receipt of information cancelling this agreement.

4. Resources
Where the Agreement includes an offer of resources, it is to be understood that we may well need to depersonalise or rework the content and then apply the StayWise branding to each resource; once released any adapted versions of the resource becomes the property of StayWise in our format only. When providing StayWise with resources we ask that, where possible, these are submitted electronically.

Where the Agreement includes financial donation, a member of the StayWise team will contact you directly.

We wish to reassure all parties that StayWise expects to maintain high standards in all matters. For our part StayWise agrees to monitor and update the information on a regular basis. In the unlikely event that both parties are not in agreement, StayWise reserves the right to refuse to accept any offer. As part of our commitment to you, we undertake to keep you informed and to maintain communication.

5. Registered Trade Mark
As part of the terms of the Agreement it is possible for you to be granted use of the Registered Trade Mark (StayWise logo) under a formal licence with us. The terms of this licence are entirely a matter between you, as the licensee, and the representatives of StayWise, as licensor.

6. Q + A
Q | Why are you de-badging my work?
A | We do this to neutralise the resource bank. In our view all partners should be equal therefore individual elements are not branded and so we de-badge to avoid giving weight to any individual partner.

Q | What sort of financial donations are you expecting?
A | Any donation will be gratefully accepted in order to continue and to promote our work.

Q | How will people know that we as an organisation have supported you?
A | Your logo will be placed on the website to show your valued contribution and you will have space for a brief outline to sum up your business interest.

Agreements will be reviewed regularly and updated if necessary.

7. Agreement Submission
Please submit your Agreement to us on headed paper, signed and dated to the following address -

103 Dee Road
RG30 4FS

We look forward to welcoming you to the StayWise partnership where collaborative working will help us achieve our mutual goals.

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